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In the Loving Memory of…..

Doing laundry is always tiring for me. Now my back hurts, along with my head. My toes all are blue and peel-y. And most important of all I killed an ant. The one taking home some food. I feel deep … Continue reading

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Some Surprise

Another rose gift from my brother. Such tenderness! Till he choose to start loving me ‘differently’ I must cherish each and every moment with him. And, even later. Plus see heena on my hands? Such fragrance! 😀 Momina you too … Continue reading

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Last night slept while whining about another upcoming crappy college day ahead. These days have not been much good. Too much negativity all around. All that yabbba dabbbba abbba dabbbba crap. Bakwass! When I got home from college, entered the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in college

The roots are there, fully incorporated. But what good those roots are? There ain’t any branch, flower or even a single leaflet, to nourish. Although it does stand there. Looking firm and strong. Does is it actually the thing what … Continue reading

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All That Passion

* Friendship Befriending friends Befriending friends again Friends going strangely strange Strange *

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There is so much beauty in half bloomed and half coiled red roses. The roses now wilted. Loosing life and childhood. But I do hold the memory of them being virgin. I wish they had not been plucked out for … Continue reading

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Hope and abyss

Mist on petals Petals bend down Down is the fertility Fertility of nourishment and virtue Virtue is motherliness Baby in cradle Cradle mounted on rocks Rocks lack tenderness Tenderness is he seeking Seeking what that is shame

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