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Looted it. Trying to haul it. Deter me! Pushed to tighten the fist. Tangling the locks even more. We, under our piercing cries,  Mimics each others considerations  Off we go! Off we follow! Beyond the mist That cleavages between Dawning … Continue reading

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On Having a Lovable Seestar! <3 :D

There is no way I can keep this to me. I must tell ya all. Sometimes when I prevent myself to blab about all sort of useful and useless matters, that result in acidity in stomach, just like my other … Continue reading

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“For you is an Appointed Time”

Originally posted on TowardsHuda:
“And for you is an Appointed Time” [3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez] خطب عمر بن عبد العزيز آخر خطبة خطبها فقال فيها 3Umar ibn 3Abd al-3Azeez (rahimahu-Allaah) said in his last khutbah: [يا أيها الناس] O people, إنكم لم تخلقوا عبثاً ولم…

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On Patta Nahi Kiya

Hayyaa aur Imaan..Imaan aur Hayyaa..They are analogy for each other. Tera kia ho ga Rafiah? They mistook me. Does that makes me an imposter? Will they still claim to like me if they get familiar those aspects of my character? … Continue reading

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