Talking to Ones Beloved


You are the tune,
that I hum often
in my coarse voice, secretly.

You are the interpretation
of every poem
I read
and hide.

You are the dancing
water ripples
and interference of
singularity and pluralism.

You are the Schrodinger’s cat
and inherited uncertainty
of disillusionment
and hope.

You are mother
and nostalgia
of her broken dreams
and days of yore .

You are Gogh’s sunflowers
that I wish us
to paint
in white and green.

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5 Responses to Talking to Ones Beloved

  1. Ah.. a diversity in life you find in all the world around you..

    And the more we love in life.. even in the pleasures AND the struggles ..

    bringS us satisfaction in life as is..

    greater and greater.. IS…

    Gogh’s sunflowers.. my mother’s dreams made and broken..

    yes.. Schrodinger’s cat.. singularity and pluralism.. hEre and tHeRe..

    interpretation of poetry not related to others.. and tunes of others stolen..

    and hummed as own.. are too the light of love in my life.. as well..

    and yes…

    so much more.. for life a life of love of life..

    IS truly deLight!..:)beloved light in LIFE as LIFE

    • Rafiah says:

      You Sir makes me feel less lonesome. Thank you for your love. ❤ I hope I too am able to learn loving like you do.

      • True Friend means Unconditional Love.. Yes.. a child of Allah.. who is always tHere for the other person.. no matter what.. and yes.. this is not a given.. this is the greatest ART that Allah gives US the opportunity for in Grace but no guarantee.. IT IS…

        Another greatest gift is the Gift of Humility and Humility is the foundation of the Sacred Unconditional Love of Allah.. the Truest Friend of ALL….

        So Allah takes us like a grain of sand on the beach.. and polishes us with Fierce Waves in Challenge and Adaptation to Struggle for this Humility.. until one day..

        IT Comes and we are truly Humble like a grain of sand on the beach.. and then..

        WE shine like a diamond brighter and Brighter in Sacred Unconditional Love.. and those waves become softer and soothing until the Heaven of Now Comes.. and WE ARE ALL LOVING TOO.. like the Waves of Allah in balance with waves that flow in THIS Grace filled LOVE….

        And then the Light inside US is like the Sun that revolves around the Dark Black Hole that gives it Strength in gravity to give Life to an Entire Earth.. IN BRIGHT LIGHT…

        And no longer can we hide our LIGHT.. it shines.. It Shines.. and IT SHINES.. more And MORE…

        And you Friend.. with your kind words here.. of LOVE too.. make THIS LOVE LIGHT Shine Brighter than ever before… IN ME…

        You Friend are a gift from Allah to me..

        And Yes.. i Sacred Unconditional Love you Friend.. 🙂

        AND.. i WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE.. Allah Willing.. Always Here.. when you FEEL to Share the Love of FRIEND.. YES..! i AM Here for You..:)

      • Rafiah says:

        You humble me, Sir. 🙂 I hope that Lord always keep you safe.

  2. ^^
    Thank you, Rafiah. 🙂

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