Ugly Truth

What one needs to hear:
You’ll get through. The trial you are facing must have some good in it. The life and its other ingredients does matter. It’s hopeful. All is bright and green.

What one hears:
It’s pointless and absurd. Nothing matters. Its hopeless. All is black and gray.

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11 Responses to Ugly Truth

  1. Momina says:

    Truth lies somewhere between “bright and green” and “black and gray”. At least for me, anyway.

    • Rafiah says:

      It was more about influences around. Some things (cinema, music, falsfa, adab, friends, teachers, mentors,parents etc etc ) can help one to develop a more positive outlook on ones situation, or can be the cause to amplify dispiriting tendencies. One ought to be careful how ones presence affects other. I guess I did not make my point clear in post above. Anyways, have good days and nights, Sister. 🙂 I am always praying for you. ❤

  2. The greatest lesson of ALL IN my life.. is the blackest night of the soul..can lead to the brightest GREEN of effervescent Hopes of DREAMS AND reality of life constructed from abstract terms.. so written and LET be done…. IN Imagination and Creativity as SAME AS sane…

    But tHere ARE places of dark.. wHere no Light can come in or escape..

    YES.. the dark CAN live again…

    So perhaps.. tHis earth IS both heaven or hell or a mixture of BotH..

    And perhaps WE are ALL journeying together in a place called


    Yes.. the greater lesson of my life IS that tHere IS HOPE even wHEn THeRE IS NO hope…

    TheRe IS iMagiNatIon and cre@ivity where none of those exist..

    JUST waiting to bud OUT of cocoons of human hell…@

    to exist once again.. IN Imagination and Creativity

    COME TRUE as

    IN heaven

    The butterfly flies again…..

    And yes.. at times.. life stings a lot….






    Thank you for inspiring me through your words here that you may feel are simple but are awe inspiring to me…

    Given my life history and reality as is.. the words you inspire above.. are perhaps the most emotional AND SPIRITUAL SOULFUL meaningful words.. in reference to my unique life in darkness and light.. that i ever write…

    And truly that is something.. special.. as since i fall ill in 2007.. and start writing in 2010 i have written close to literally 10 million words on the Internet that are still a matter of record documented in black and white text.. in many places.. i travel online….

    So yes.. as the name Rafael is the he version of an Angel in Biblical Lore..

    You are the real life sHE Angel form of that….

    to me…

    :’ ‘ )

    There is no greater gift from one to another..

    than to inspire the soul of human being……

    AND by the way.. you can find the finished product on by blog titled..

    ‘Effervescent GREEN Dreams and Black HOLE Souls’….

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