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Morning Blues

“Doctor, hamal thehar nahi raha.” “Doctor, hamal girana hae”. Every trip to hospital makes me feel down. I can not decide what to make of this all.

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You’ll be made to remember, be critiqued and mocked at for every scar and scratch you ever had, if you’ll trust a gentleman or a lady enough to bare yourself. It won’t be worth it. Strip off yourself in front … Continue reading

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With Fears, Intimidations And Tears…

What are the entities called friends? Who are your foes? Why are they hostile? What made your exes your exes? How do you celebrate new friendships? Is it too a phase in which one wonders at the questions cluelessly? Is … Continue reading

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On Love..

Noor: Appi Allah Ta’ala bhool tou nahi jatay? Me: Nahi tou. Kiyo? Noor:Wo itnay saray logo ki wish pori pori kartay kuch wishes skip tou nahi ho jatein. Me:Nahi tou. 🙂 Noor: Appi, check if the card I made is … Continue reading

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‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?!’

“Behold! In the creation of heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are indeed Signs for men of understanding.” [Aale Imran 3:190] I have some friends who are studying medicine and they all have one … Continue reading

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Delta Tee

I was just another spring bird.I used to pray for our happiness together. The season is over now. When parting (or parted already), I still do pray for our happiness independently. I wonder who is more wiser here. The younger … Continue reading

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Breaking bad, ehh?!

I have been binge watching Breaking bad, (better late than never) and the show depresses me a lot. Peekaboo broke me completely. Got done watching season two yesterday, planned not watching it further and failed (typical me). The show is … Continue reading

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