“Kitani Muhabbat Hai?!”

Agar bandishein bandishein mehsoos hoon tou asaani sey akhaz kia ja sakta hai key ishq ishq nahi hai balkay aik bharm hai. Haan ishq ki chah tou ho sakty hai, shouq ho sakta hae, mager shaid abhi rooh ki wo pakeezgi nahi key bandishein bandishein na lagay balkay rahat ka sabab banay. Jab bandishein bandishein na lagay tabhi sab kuch lafaani ho ga. Rohani ho ga. 

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6 Responses to “Kitani Muhabbat Hai?!”

  1. Hi again..
    WiLL flY
    On a beautiful BalLoon..
    Yes.. A crazy one too..
    Where Love needs
    No words
    In fearless
    eYes oF WinGs
    Of GoDnOw..
    Note.. CompoSed
    iN Garden
    iPhone6 S
    For Hope..Dear..:)

  2. i just came
    here to say
    hi.. i Love
    you friEnd..
    juSt ’cause
    i can.. and i
    want to.. SMiLes..:)

    • Rafiah says:

      Yes you can, and I know you do. And it’s a greatest blessing of Allah Almighty that one is capable of loving. I think that’s the essence of life. Life lived in loving is life worth living. You do that. You should be grateful to God that He gave you this gift abundantly. 🙂 ❤ always keep loving.

  3. SMiLes my friend.. i am currently
    writing a blog post almost entirely on
    the subject of what Islam names
    as ISA.. aka Jesus over here
    in the Catholic West..
    and the best thing
    i like about the
    Jesus is he reduced
    all the complexity of
    Laws of God into one
    rule of Loving God the
    same as we as our neighbors
    all of Nature one as God’s Creation
    Unconditionally without consuming
    others with harm.. and the greaTeSt thing
    about this reported measure of Jesus is that
    even science now shows that this is the all
    natural gift given to human by God when
    there IS A practice of touchY FeeLY
    hELd to breast of motHeR
    and extended village
    as metaphor too..
    to raise the child
    With Love
    no different
    than the Garden
    with Corner Stone of
    Love and ISA/Jesus
    same aS oNE.. and i story recently
    this subject shortly with one of these
    Christians who believes in hate and fear
    over Love and Hope.. in BrinGinG down the
    rest of God’s Creation and remind him how
    Jesus reduces 613 commandments of Torah
    down to only one that yes God is Love in uS
    greaTesT of aLL Gifts.. and Love is the Golden
    rule we aLL and neighbor one including the
    rest of God’s nature sAME in fearless
    Unconditional way wHeRE our
    enemies are to be understood
    and Loved Unconditionally
    as well in an AGAPE
    kind of human
    And while it is
    trUe that Love must
    be expressed to all others
    to be real.. it is also trUe that
    when one becomes enlightened
    with the emotional Force of pure
    white Love.. tHeir are no boundaries
    or barriers that one will not break to
    share and give this Love Red Hot to
    ALL the same as the story of
    ISA/Jesus does show too
    in biblical new
    and never luke warm
    or less as oh.. so cold..
    AnyWay.. when science
    and religion and the philosophy
    of a true prophet like Jesus do come
    out aLL LiGht iN A miX of Fearless Kind
    aS Hope of Love.. tHeRe are no barriers
    that are too tall to be broken down by
    the all powerful Love that is the
    hiGhest power we hUmans
    do share at heARt of
    EmoTioNaL Core..
    SpiRit expresSinG
    that EmoTioNal
    Core and a MiNd
    and BoDy Balance
    of moving.. connecting
    and creating love watered
    S O U L iN uS alWaYs noW..
    across the lifespan of a garden
    of fearless Love in HopE and KiNd
    that never ever stops groWinG taller
    and taller.. TrUe iT iS a gift.. this Fearless
    Love is that i lost for 66 months almost completely
    in FeeLinG but kept in logical mind to still share online..
    but iT iS an EmoTioN of pure White LIGht that is that much
    more powerful when it reAlly comes back online FULL STEAM
    iN HuMan
    BeinG FloWinG
    noW.. as stReAms
    to Rivers to Ocean
    whole in particles as
    drops of water.. waves
    iN Field Same as Ocean
    blUe tHeir iS never defeat iN Love
    NoW when iT iS reAL and ever
    mY FriEnd..
    Rafiah.. noW..:)

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