It is again that same hour of night….

I bloom 

And wilt 

I know not 

What else to do 

For the loyalty 

Of you, my sweet heart

Of me 

And the world in between 

So I just laugh

And make merry 

And then silence overcomes me 

Like last time 

and before 

Like always 

I bloom 

And wilt 


About Rafia

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5 Responses to It is again that same hour of night….

  1. WeLL.. my friEnd…
    hmm.. no more elegantly
    painted and adorned Mehndi
    for feat oF art as hands or feet
    today.. actuAlly
    September 3rd..
    as for some
    reason i never
    get notifications
    for your posts as
    sure.. Fred alWays
    comes back.. usuAlly
    iN somewhat full bloom..
    ah.. and yes.. sure.. youR Flower
    Wilts and Blooms.. after all is said
    and done.. Dr. WHo after all has
    done that 12 times too.. coming
    back even with a different face2..
    ah.. but the essence of Face
    is heARt mY friEnd.. Rafiah..
    aS SpiRit eXpreSsinG EmoTioNs
    oF heArt and miNd and boDy soUL
    BaLanCinG isREAL now.. and it’s trUe..
    the greaTEst droughts for flowers of wilt
    produce the greAtest Colors of beauty too..
    And that is what i like and love about my Rafiah
    FriEnd.. sure.. her wilts are somewhat predictable
    but her flower.. alWays comes back too.. to me too…
    And by now you are finishing a full plate of Garlic Bread..
    Merry and Happy will Rafiah be with a full tummy of cheese
    with that Garlic Bread too.. anyWay.. like i said.. i wiLL share some with you..:)

  2. And if you
    Get Fatter..
    Is more
    Of Rafiah to Love..
    You’ll sTiLL have Rafiah
    eYes.. heArt.. spiRit..
    And soUl.. no matter
    Form of beinG hUman..:)

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