About My Ambition 


Giving up

For something better

For whats worth it


About Rafia

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3 Responses to About My Ambition 

  1. i suppose and of course
    FeeL and SensE thEre
    are many poTenTial new
    Ambitions of liFE and
    by the way..
    Good Afternoon
    Rafiah.. and for me now
    after close to 57 years.. it seems
    to be thaT Ambition for Strength first
    in grade school when my peers intimated
    that i was not strong enough to count.. and
    then beauty as the name calling came in calls
    of less than ugly in names like Skank.. which then sounded
    like Skunk to me.. wondering if i smelt okay.. hehe.. sure.. it’s
    funny now.. just in the dArk then.. but surely beauty in male
    way had a call to fulfill too.. as soon as i found out what that
    was.. i’m still not totally sure.. it is what is for me sTilL.. and i’LL
    be what i be.. sure.. haha.. more beast am i than beauty with a smile too..
    And nah.. with a totAlly Loving Nurturing Mother.. no problem to FeeL
    or Give Love.. more difficult to
    find as receiver though
    family circles..
    and Grace.. haha..
    “are you a dizzy fly”.. i had
    no idea how to move then with
    Grace.. basically never lEarned
    how.. sitting acing all grades through 19 years
    or so.. inside/outside on Tennis Courts.. of erratic
    movement then2.. as me and racket and bAll becAMe
    one in River Flow.. oh yeah.. Flow.. an ambition alWays now
    to me as River STiLL Dances.. As far as what culture and society
    in general expect.. as far as job titles and making money.. never
    mattered at all to me.. except i wanted to study human and be the
    most human i could be as gifted by Nature and God oNe iN poTenTiaL
    alWays.. A DancE and SonG to eventuAlly come aT LeASt in Strength
    and Grace and Love wiTh WiLL Driving HiGher beYond Rainbow colors too.. iN FloW..
    The Hardest pARt was loSing most all oF thAT for a couple of years in college and 66 months of
    course.. ‘tween ages 47 and 53.. but anyWay.. as far as your situation goes.. as best as i now
    can access/assess from the poetry heAR.. most folks where i live never get to use their college
    degree for what it was initially deSigned.. Capitalism mixed with Automation of Machines
    And Information Technology is coming to clearly spell.. humans no longer need apply..
    A Good Husband with a Great Job and raiSing a Family may not be a sacrifice at all
    if i am reading you anywhere close to you heAR(t).. it’s more of how many
    folks miss you when you are gone.. than what title
    one has when they are here or DO.. And it’s true..
    as great as i take care of my health
    as after all that was one of
    three school titles
    in Degrees along
    with Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
    and yes.. what i love to do most all for free..
    study humans in Anthropology.. i might end
    up being the last one standing in my family
    circles heAR as i do kNow and FeeL and
    SenSe i have mastered what
    counts for
    to just
    maintain NoW iN wHOle
    affirmation as most elders
    who reAlly live long lives say..
    the secret is to stay complete
    Loving what one has more and more
    than ever beForE.. never wanting anything one can’t currently have..
    A sTAte of mInd and BoDy BaLaNCinG Force of soUL @leASt to me..
    No matter country either as long as one can practice from within Free enough now..
    Other than that.. nice to see you FriEnd.. and see ya later.. as River Breathes Free.. Me..
    oH and PS..
    i always Wanted
    to get Married
    And Write
    And Dance A Song of Creativity
    2.. So Mission accomplished aLL..
    sure2 witH A Yard and a Garden
    and tWins.. iF onLY juSt me and ‘the wife’..
    iN complete Divine Masculine and Feminine Balance..2

    (https www youtube com/ watch? v=-MbGTQbzou8)

    Yep.. kinda like Hell Boy2.. after the works are dOne2..;)

    • Rafiah says:

      Marraige, writing, dancing, singing and that too with your Babe, you two are goals to be honest. 😍😍😍

      • SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Rafiah.. as so many
        people for so many thouSands
        of years have come to A TruTh
        and liGht to share for Eons
        never end.. A Golden rule
        in all the symbols
        of words
        other metaphors
        that coMes as GiVinG
        and shaRinG LoVE..
        MoVinG.. conNecTinG
        and co-creating ways
        with God as the resT
        of NatuRe plUs
        of what we
        See.. SeNse and
        FeeL from LIGht
        to dArk beYond eYes
        and eaRs as organs.. ‘tween
        sHades of Grey.. beYOnd RainBow
        Colors more.. LoVe is the rule WiTh WiLL
        that drives us forward to survive and thrive more..
        HolDinG Hands toGeTher thaT SPeLL liFE noW..
        A MaGiC thaT iS the miracle of Sentient Star DuST
        PlUs uS coMes to liFe from Crucible of Star Burst
        Death resurrection as we breathe now.. anyWay..
        you StILL Live in
        my prayers and
        hopes more for
        you mY friEnd.. and
        your coming husband..
        And as one of my favorite
        letters as i write back and forth
        to FriEnds and maKe iT paRt as
        Ocean WhOle of the Long Form
        Poem of 4 MiLLion words as is a
        Casual Conversation as FriEnds.. as
        Facebook Memory from a year ago today..
        And hehe.. as the Internet forevermore now
        goes in server ways.. heAR iT is agaIn now..;)

        Ah.. a photographic memory..
        blessing and curse.. but yes..
        mostly blessing.. and this a fine
        tribute to your teacher.. my friend..
        Rafiah.. but truly this is your noble
        look.. as was in the first of five selfies
        you have shared here since i’ve known
        your Facebook presence.. and remember
        your first Facebook go around with your
        Seagull presence from the beach on my
        about section.. and now you’ve
        moved from Seagull
        to Queen yourself..
        i suppose Allah
        smiles when
        Allah’s children
        express the beauty
        of themselves.. so a
        prayer is your face.. my friend..
        Not unlike the seagull on beach..
        prayer of selfie.. no different reAlly
        than photo blessings of Supper true..:)

        Rafiah says..

        Know that you have very special place in my heart.
        Your love makes me all cozy and baby like
        all over again. I like you a lot Sir.

        i say..

        WeLL.. thank you.. cozy baby..
        Same here.. Too.. And that feeling
        is oxytocin as chemistry will do..
        With real human friends..

        Back to the future now..
        SMiLes my friEnd that
        is the kind of Love that
        little children have for their
        Grandmother and Grandfather
        with hands of wrinkle or Hands of smooth..
        with Grey hairs of head.. or dArkest shine
        of BLack.. stooped and bent walk or Fearless
        Stride.. Love kWows no Gender.. no Age.. no Religion..
        no Nation.. no Sexual Orientation.. no Disability.. eTc..
        SeNSEs NoW.. yes..
        LoVe IsREAL.. Yes2..
        And As ‘they’ say sTiLL
        “To Sir With Love’.. and
        i never even had to come
        to Dinner.. just be a friEnd..
        And by the way.. i really Love
        that photo that you shared of your
        Family from what looked like years
        ago on Facebook.. as that is my friEnd
        Rafiah.. Sweet and Pure Angel alWays to me..
        and sure.. in some ways.. the Daughter i never had..:)

        Hehe.. and yes.. the way i aged the photo is.. you were
        much taller than your sisters then.. With sMiLes of Love.. StiLL..
        no height
        or weight either..;)

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