About Haya 

Living a halal and tayyab life is real test when everything spiritually downlifting is made to lure towards ecstatic tempetations and euphoria. 

About Rafia

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1 Response to About Haya 

  1. “Living a halal and tayyab life is real test
    when everything spiritually downlifting is
    made to lure towards ecstatic tempetations and euphoria.”
    As i quote you heAR.. Rafiah.. with
    more words by me CoMinG
    NoW oN Course
    as Branches
    CoMinG from
    Trunk and Roots too
    as Tree oF LiFe DanceS
    and SinGs eveN MorE
    as FReED noW as
    and will
    be.. and as
    you title your
    words heAR.. Haya
    which in Newer Age SPeak
    of culture now.. is similar to
    what ‘they’ say about ‘shading’
    other folks for not meeting what
    ever the cultural and or religious
    Norm may LocAlly.. StatELy..
    NationaLLy and
    GlobAlly say too.. and
    yes..”halal and tayyab”
    for what meets the cultural
    and religious expectations
    sAMe of what Food and Drink
    and other actions of course are appropriate
    to do without receiving what we call sHade
    over HeaR NoW too.. and it’s true this is the way
    hUmans in Large Groups are controlled by whatever order
    at hand comes and who and whatever that order is attributed
    to.. iN ways of original and or shaRed thOught with otHeRs iN charge too..
    anYway.. it’s very true in all more increasingly Westernized cultures aS
    even Third World Countries move up to potential more of material
    successes in things that we have and eat too in ways of
    abundance.. yes.. we now have First World
    Problems.. Pre-Diabetic2.. A third of school
    age children stuck
    on sweets
    and fats
    that work
    as opiates too as well
    as Behavioral Screen addictions Do
    too that raise levels of Dopamine in Brain..
    Sex.. Drugs and Real Rock and Roll too that
    overall does the same.. but thing is there is no
    substitute truly over the warm and fuzzies of
    Oxytocin Neurohormone that fills us
    uP through the actual act
    of MoVing… ConNecTing
    and creaTinG iN Flesh
    WiTh each
    othER NoW..
    yes.. something is misSing
    as without Love NoW there is
    no real spirituaLiTy that lasts as fiLLed and
    FeeLeD and SenSed My FriEnd.. so truly what
    feeds this emptiness most and drives folks to sugars
    and fats and even illicit Drugs.. the emptiness of HeART
    my fRiEnd for surviving through dARk of Struggle
    BRinGS Love poTenTiaLLy more than
    ever before as
    the MoVinG..
    and CreAtinG
    with otHeRs IS A greater
    Force thaN what comes next
    oN A Dinner Plate or Computer Screen..
    Even Forest Bathing my FriEnd with Nature
    these liFe GiVinG shArinG Ways that are Free
    And everLasting NoW iN BaLanCinG ForCE oF GoD
    YeS.. FReED witHin
    wE NoW2..
    OtHeR than
    thaT i juST
    ate a
    Key LiMe
    Pie Ice creAM
    Sandwich.. A
    Sandwich NoW aS
    Even NeW WoNdeR WoMaN
    does exClaiM is.. oh.. so Good
    you should be proud of yourself
    for MaKinG thAt and ThiS as let’s
    face iT aLL animals uS liVe for Pleasure..
    NoW it’s the God and Nature trUth
    buTT that enTails
    like never receiving
    a Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
    Sandwich until today.. sure..
    in this way i am like Wonder Woman
    too.. i FiNd great pleasure in pain and
    great pain in too much pleasure too..
    i BaLanCe it as no oTHeR choice as
    for me with Bi-Polar
    alWays NoW Feels
    better than Heaven Above
    or Hell Below.. Heaven heAR
    is Best iN Moderation mY FriENd..
    don’t need no books to figure thAT ouT
    as God lives within and needs no rules of Human to Live
    NoW iN
    aT LeASt NoW
    for mD
    LiVer oF LiGht..
    never ever having
    to say i am sorry now.. for thaT @lEast as LoVE..
    iN a trUe LIGht way Married to dARk Too.. mY FriEnd..:)

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