Dear Sista

Dear Sista

I dont say
You dont listen
If i try
You do not understand
That’s why
Silence is the only medium
To talk
And see
And live

About Rafia

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5 Responses to Dear Sista

  1. Hmm… i’m guesSing
    you are a Cat
    and your
    is a Dog
    per metaphor
    of Course as more
    Extraverted verses
    more Introverted for
    i Understand my friEnd
    Rafiah is a bit shy
    in Body
    i have seen
    and if this is
    the sista i’m thinking
    of there seems to be a
    little edge at least more
    of Extroversion.. anyway.. i used
    to thiNk in generaLiTy speak one could
    at core say the World’s Problems NoW IS A
    Battle of the Sexes in terms of Patriarchy
    IN WiLL and Strength verses more
    against the Matriarchy of Love
    and Grace ideally
    A BaLanCinG
    Force of Both
    in each HuMaN
    BeinG to Promote
    World peace among all
    but now i’m fairly sure it is
    more an issue of Dog Humans
    Verses Cat Humans and the Converse
    of that of course on course as the Nomads
    are HeaR for Greener Pastures who are more
    Excited by Different and not nearly as focused on
    same.. and surely these Nomad Cats Will Find New
    Territory and Move on wherever the Subsistence
    iS iN Abundance away from ScarCities same..
    As Verses the Home Dogs who follow
    more a Conservative
    Group think of
    as ‘Apes’ per
    Say and DancE
    and SinG Stronger
    togEthER sAMe in
    ritual and tradition
    in what
    comfort over the
    focus the Nomad Cat
    Gains in the Novelty oF LifE
    that BRinGS excitement more..
    oTheR than thaT.. yeS tHeRE is AlWays
    A Workable option in change of challenge
    for each Human BeinG to Become a Hybrid
    of Cat and Dog and sure while they are at it
    A Hybrid of WiLL and Strength and Grace and Love..
    MoVinG Far away from the Misery and Company that
    to a Plate
    Fuller of Hate
    anyway woof woof
    and a purr from me..
    My Kitty Kat Friend Rafiah..
    And it’s true Dog Humans seem
    to have an edge as they are more
    often Rule Makers and Enforcers
    in what
    of BiG
    Cities as
    Such out of anarchy
    And chaos even more.:)

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