Matters Of Heart


In me

Is so passionate

That it amuses me



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8 Responses to Matters Of Heart

  1. Haris says:

    kya baat hai- yehan ult hai.

    • Rafiah says:

      Every body is different, yet so innately similar. ๐Ÿ˜Š I am sure you have that side too, may be life hasn’t given the chance to explore it yet.

      • Haris says:

        Oh I did get to explorer it, akin to having dreams but pretty much choked on it.

        I hope that isn’t supposed to be amusing. I know not all out of all but as I age I find what I do get of dreams, doesn’t feel so amusing or great.

        though I’d be dishonest to say I’m not passionate about other things and amused- but I hardly recognize it as passion.

      • Rafiah says:

        Everything passion is a double edged

      • Rafiah says:

        Every passion is a double edged sword. Make one feel so high on life. Also makea one suffer as well. Its like a shadi ka lado, jo khaye wo pashtay aur jo na khaye wo.bhi pashtaye. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Hmm.. i tend to read stuff literally
    first so i will do my best to answer
    how the Lover in you is so passionate
    that it amuses
    you and it’s
    true where i had
    extremely strong
    emotions and senses
    when i was young they were
    much too overpowering to figure
    out with words and on top of that
    in my culture there
    was/is little to no
    talk about
    Male Emotions
    too as Emotions and even
    smiles back in those old School Days
    were not something considered appropriate
    for males to do and tears.. hell no.. no way unless
    you are playing
    and the
    hit where
    they really hurt.. hehe..
    yeah that’s my only Memory
    from Little League Baseball when
    i played for the Pelicans at about 8 years
    old.. when the Catcher got hit without protection
    it really
    hurts hehe..
    anyway.. where i live
    you mostly have to become
    Superman to be a man for in terms
    of mystical teachings from a Man Named
    Jesus in the parts of the Gnostic Gospels that
    were censored out for Heavens kNOw men were
    not allowed to be real men back in them days for they
    were trained to kill the opposing tribes when men are only
    men without
    the Divine other
    paRT as the Teacher
    in the Gnostic Gospels
    ascribed to the female kind when
    the other men said Mary Magdalene
    in the Verse 114 of that Gospel of Thomas
    and all other Women were not Spiritual enough
    beings to enter
    the Kingdom
    of Heaven of
    course they didn’t
    even understand what
    Jesus was saying as that
    Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
    then still now in this Generation now still
    for those who arrive in divine feminine grace
    and love as foundation of Will and Strength and
    of course those last two were and still are all of what
    some men value as Life Loving Guns and Stuff like that
    too Hunting
    and other
    making sure
    their little boys
    lose their empathy
    and sympathy and compassion
    too so they can surely muster the
    Will to Kill Bambi’s Mother one day too..
    hmm.. that’s a Young Deer’s Mother in case
    you haven’t heard that Disney story either.. guessing you have
    as you seem
    to be up
    on HeART
    Felt stuff..
    it’s true i cried
    when i saw that movie
    but if you are a boy you are
    suppose to be thrilled to kill Bambi’s Mother
    or maybe it was/is the Father.. could Google it but
    writing in a flow for now.. anyway.. you probably get the
    point as you too could shed tears over the Love of Nature
    all too for
    it’s true
    are very attached
    to their Mother’s with
    the neurohormone oxytocin
    in receptors therein tHeir physical body
    emotions too.. in other words while they might
    not have the words for all their complex emotions
    never the less they experience them with the same
    receptors for Neurohormones in that warm and fuzzy feeling
    of Mammal
    Bonding Love..
    yes.. Feral Yellow Boy used
    to be a killer 24/7 in the back
    woods too.. there was a time before
    that he was suckling his Mama Cat
    like Bambi does too.. making kitty biscuits
    of Love on Mama Cat Breasts too.. and now what
    does he do
    is his Mama Kat Now true..
    nah.. he’s not sharpening his claws
    on her soft belly now he is feeling love
    Kat love as even reformed Cat Killers in Nature
    do now true..
    and hey even
    Lions as Documentaries
    Show can remember their
    Domesticated Human Lovers in the
    Wild too years removed for they remember
    the scent of emotions of warm and fuzzy true
    in the unique smell of their master same now true..
    thing is i understood this before i read or saw any documentaries
    or had any spoken words my
    my Friend
    for i Feel
    Nature i Sense
    Nature i Love all
    Nature now true yes i have
    spidey senses and feelings that love all now true..
    and it’s True Culture did its damnedest down here
    in Trump Fundamentalist Onward Christian Soldiers
    ways to take that Love away from me and all my Creativity
    too.. and
    yes after
    a long hard fight
    of 19 years
    of school
    in Tandem
    with 25 years of
    active status in pay
    working for the Military too..
    they took my heART away in the cumulative
    combined effort of all the stress i endured to keep
    Love Real all those 33 years of work and 19 Years of school too..
    And it’s true now when i think back at it i suppose i could get angry
    at all of that but i won’t for you see they are the ones who lack A Prize of
    Heaven’s LovENoW
    i sHow
    how to do
    it most every
    day when i Public Dance
    in Feeling Emotions through
    every cell of my body as regulating
    a fine tuned Ferrari Engine of God’s Love
    in Beyond iNFiniTy of just 12 Short Cylinders
    Now WiTH Senses Integrating as a Feather
    Floats through air to as i play with God’s
    Gravity same
    as Pure
    i surf the air and water
    my friend as i dance through God
    meanwhile other folks they sit in the other place now..:)

    Anyway.. A short answer
    mY friEnd to how is the Lover
    in you so passionate that Lover Amuses you now is..

    TruTH iN LiGHTThaT LoVeR iS God NeVeR Send LoVE aWay.. Play.

    Anyway.. Rafiah you make me Smile for in the first of the
    last three of your posts you talked about a flat face
    and sort of a distance from being
    here and then about
    penning pain
    and that is
    what we do
    to our Dragon when
    our Dragon Sprouts Wings with the Fire of Love
    some people name it Saint Elmo’s Fire as Elmo
    is just another name for Helen like my Mother’s
    name that means BrinGeR oF LiGht TruENoW2
    anyWay.. i have a SonG NoW
    for this
    And as alWays NoW More
    Thanks for MuSinG God in Me
    for God is thE Lover thaT wHo aRises
    When Face
    is Flat
    And Feels
    Love you.
    Love me.
    Love God.
    Love ALL mY FRiEnD..
    Yes.. You Have A FRED in FRiEnD
    And it’s true if that God pArt wasn’t
    bulging out this would even be a F now..
    iN Left Justification View Different When Centered of course..:)

    Oh by A way in case you didn’t
    feel it this is that online Hug i promised you earlier on Facebook.. hehe..
    and true back when i lost my emotions and desperately tried to get them
    back for those Real 66 months of just Dragon Existence in Hell back then..
    i couldn’t connect to anyone in the flesh and blood world.. i lost the feeling
    and the sense and it literally even hurt every cell in my body to be around
    anyone then..
    it was
    and gone
    then.. so logically
    i tried to remember love
    and eventually make words
    organic so they Love True2..
    and that was so hard to do then..
    in fAct i screamed at God to the top
    of my Lungs at my Mother’s home and sure
    you heard the story we used to watch Alfred Hitchcock
    late at night in warm and fuzzies and she even gave me
    Coffee to help with my ADHD then.. i was at her home and
    i said Mama please help me bring that feeling back again
    and i FucKinG Swear
    i am so
    i got
    back so i could
    Feel Her again before her Light went away..
    Truth is that Light lives now doesn’t iT
    Hear oN Rafiahs Blog now
    to my Mother
    And God they
    have the NaMELoVe..:)


    • Rafiah says:

      You are so fortunate that your mama was your light in your dark days. Like you are so positive for me in the days and nights i feel downright negative, trying to shove and push me hard to get out of the cold chill unhomely feel towards the warm embrace of everything good that it is there about the life, heart, emotions and soul. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

      • SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Rafiah.. for Mothers
        And Fathers who Give
        Love never
        NoW iN
        tHeir Children’s
        eYes of Continuing
        the Force of Love for
        Humanity now.. truly more
        i am the Lucky one for there
        are those who have never felt
        And given the Nurturing Love of a Mother
        and or Father wHo only Love to See Plants
        Reach now greater for
        A Sun of Love Now More..
        Yes.. tHeRe are beyond an Infinite
        Number of Stories and Metaphors and
        Symbols for Love and this is the GreaTesT
        God of all to worship in each and everyone of us
        that is
        Love mY friEnd
        AliVE NOW alWays LIVinG WiThiN..:)

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