My Fiancè


Have learned

To stay alone

Now I must learn



About Rafia

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4 Responses to My Fiancè

  1. Haris says:

    This probably the best thing I’ve read since many years.

  2. Chocolate Basket Comfort.. Rafiah..
    easing separation of life
    from togetherness
    of Love
    when the
    child no longer
    sleeps with the parent
    and then the sister no longer
    snuggles close to the younger
    sisters.. and sure that’s a big FeeLinG
    SeNsinG why folks
    get married
    perhaps A best
    when the left hand
    reaches out and touches
    Comfort of Love in the Midnight
    advice given
    to me and the
    Katrina by Sandy..
    Second most destructive
    Hurricane in terms of bucks
    right behind Katrina anyway that’s
    just a Hurricane Joke as ‘Gift from
    God’ Tropical Storm and potential
    Hurricane Nate closes in for
    the gift of rain and
    cooling a
    hot air Gulf
    Coast this weekend
    too.. but anyway.. Mother
    Sandy’s advice to us was
    never go to bed mad at each
    other.. reach out with a left hand
    of giving touch at least before the
    beginning of sleep that says i love
    you in comfort even if no words come next…
    it’s true not everyone has many words to express
    their feelings but it is the human touch of feel and
    sense that
    says love
    real and feeling my friend..
    Happy togetherness for your
    coming marriage and as ‘they’ say..
    reach out and touch togetherness or as
    ‘those’ say it can and will fall silent for two
    ships passing through an ocean still of lone..:)

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