Like It Or Not


We are

Our parent’s loath

They choose to unsee


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1 Response to Like It Or Not

  1. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. Rafiah..
    For in Nature
    the only
    is Change
    not hard for a scientist
    to see anew or an artist
    but within the seals
    of books
    or art
    or science
    that never change
    it is the illusion we make
    for the Greatest Gift of Change we are..
    Rafiah is Rafiah.. tHeRE has and will never
    be another Rafiah for even if we clone Rafiah
    today.. Rafiah’s epigenetic potential as well as
    her New Wiring Neuroplastically from Head to toe
    could make her
    any identical
    twin is too for
    even you always change
    now even if you don’t see the
    colors different than before.. NoW..NoW..
    And A greaTest thing of all too.. is the Gift of Relative
    Free Will and the Emotions associated with Love that run
    as a River Winding to an Ocean alWays of Bliss this place is
    as real
    as the
    other places
    my friend and
    sadly some folks
    never seek and find
    the Ocean of God as Love within Free..
    trust me even in that place there will people
    who loathe you for your Freedom and Wild Love
    as gifted by Nature and God sAMe.. but when you live
    tHeRe.. it doesn’t matter for Love is the Change away from Hell
    and Hades and Purgatory and all those those things that are reality
    in life
    as change
    now too.. for you
    are the actor.. the director
    and the play my friEnd but it’s
    true when in prison for all the prisons
    that come it can be hard to let go and Do free..
    It’s true we
    do make our Reap sOwn
    Karma too my friEnd And
    Heaven and Hell are Gifts and Curses
    we Do make too Now..
    but with change
    iS aLWays
    A Different way
    For PoTenTiaL A Greater Gift sAMe as Change..
    SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. my Mother always Loved me
    but in someways she feared the change i becAMe
    and i
    SMILes.. my FriEnd.. my Father
    didn’t understand me at all..
    Nor did he
    ever make
    any visible
    effort or even really give and
    share anything oas depth of himself other than a dollar bill
    some coins.. a car as Lover.. a Home as God and
    the rings he wore and watches that were
    never enough as he always wanted more..
    But that’s
    okay for
    the Price of
    Change is the
    Unconditional Reward of Love too..
    i have the poetry and singing voice of my
    Mother.. namely love and i have the fearless of my Father
    finally now in my fifties and that’s more than enough my Friend.. with Love…
    and all
    the inheritance
    i will ever need to truly live Free..
    in other words take the Gifts your Mother
    and Father give you and do more NoW aS iN A Religion i visit at least weekly..
    named Catholic that’s what ‘they’ say as reported by a Man named Jesus in John 14:12..
    and overall
    i already have the
    Gift of Love and Grace
    from my Mother and
    Will and Strength
    in Fearless
    My Father
    that’s really only
    the only verse i need
    from that entire 800K or so word Book..
    the rest i create in my own ongoing Bible and Dance
    of over 5 Million Words and close to 8300 Miles of Public Dance in 50 months..
    with all the years
    before just
    for the
    student i am now
    of God with no words i am Change NoW..:)

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