To The Love Of My Life

My dil keeps coming to you, and stopping. That’s what our equation is nurtured into. For ever trying.


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3 Responses to To The Love Of My Life

  1. From the Beginning of the Origin oF aLL tHat iS
    BeYond InFiNiTY oF CourSE NeVer EnDinG
    otHeRWise kNoWN FeLT SenSeD And
    UnderStood aS LoVE AKA God
    iN SoMe CiRCLeS thaT wHo
    sPiRaLS eVeR StARTinG
    NeVeR FiNiShinG NoW
    Too.. Love Is Love iS MoRE
    You NoW alWays Been alWays
    NoW BEGiNNinG ALWaYs NoW
    And It’s Not Hard to Prove as NoW
    iS ALWaYs NoW.. For thE Love We
    BeComE NoW.. to Give and Share or
    SAdly NoT To StArT NeVER FiNiShING
    NoW aGaIN.. But True as ‘They’ Say
    iF NoT Drenched iN THiS LoVE
    iT’s Hard to Say.. For ThiS
    Love IS thE FiRE
    And wHo
    NeVeR GiVeS
    uP WiTHiN You
    To GiVE And SHaRE
    And iF i Could Give Anything
    To You iT WiLL Be You mY FriEnd aS LovE
    For whaTever You WiLL eVer reTurN of Me NoW…


    • Rafiah says:

      💕💕💕 more love to you too, for being the most loyal kind of a friend, who is always there dwelling to know my well being

      • DWeLLinG WiTHiN FoR
        WeLL BeinG HeARTS…
        SMiLes And What’s uP Doc
        Rafiah.. not only do you provide
        A Perfect Definition oF FRiEnD
        And tHeRe Are BeYonD iNFiNiTE
        Numbers oF Metaphors For FriEnd and God
        As Verb tHat’s
        WiTHiN iT’s
        This Metaphor
        tHeRE is No Separation NoW For
        Ever No Matter What For A friEnd
        Can and Will Be A Lover A Mother
        A Grand Parent A Sister A Spouse
        And Verily ALWays True iN LiGHT
        All OtHeRs As all pARts Ocean aLL WHoLE
        And You Rafiah For From: the First Words You
        Dance and Song To: me You Made me Feel Special
        WithiN.. JusT ANotHeR SNoW FLake AngEL You Are to: me.

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