Every Now And Then

How lit my eyes are

How cold my feet are

What’s this that creeps in

Peeping out sometime

The calls call

To be pulverized away

It’s my baby too

The one mum likes to disown

How heavy headed my head is

How lame my heart is

Whats this that clucks away

Scrubbing the back

Clenching the eyes shut

Open up, enact, bring into being

Its me

Your mum

The one you unwant

Me too

I, too, disdain you

I too

I am

You too

About Rafia

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3 Responses to Every Now And Then

  1. Hmm.. the Last Word i wrote was ‘Blank Space’
    Rafiah and for these Words You Write i am
    Reading this this way from You
    in A Space
    To Fill and Feel
    my friEnd to put it another
    Way as i’ve already done today..
    Tears make Us
    And the Rest of our Emotions too..
    other than that i was doing my Best
    to Read this in a more Positive Light
    of Raising a Potential New Baby.. but it’s
    True You
    Love You
    To Love All
    Babies About You..
    other than that i’ve Missed Your Words
    A Lot but i always understood i would..
    But i still
    Feel you
    as Friend and
    that’s really what counts..:)

  2. Rafia says:

    This is a metaphor about unwanted feelings gnawing inside. Not about real babies. Real babies can never be unwanted. ☺
    Also i too have missed my words. And I have missed you too, dear friend. ❤

    • SMiLes Rafiah… Every Now and Then i Miss
      one of Your Comments to Reply to but Rarely
      So And Perhaps a First Here from Nearly
      A Month Ago.. Where Friend is That And
      Those Folks Who Accept Us For All Of
      Who We Are From
      Who Naturally
      Find Ways in so many
      Ways out of Time.. Distance..
      And Space to Make us Feel
      Forevernow Warm Inside
      With Just A Memory
      That Lasts
      For The Warmth
      Those Friends Do
      Still Bring to Us.. Smiles
      my FriEnd for me with you
      as i probably remember all the
      Nice Things as Friend you have said
      to me from the First Day i arrived on Your
      Facebook Page as you saw me on Lala Rukh’s
      Blog and were not Afraid to Friend me and tell me
      that ‘Sir You Have a Beautiful Heart’ then with even a
      Seagull Photo i had shared on the Beach you were already
      Sharing as Your Back Ground Photo then.. And Then perhaps
      the Nicest and Warmest thing you told me is it would Have to
      Where i Live
      For How Do People
      Come up with Comments
      This Lovely For You Did And
      Still Do mY FriEnd.. Yes.. i miss
      You too but not Far At All From
      oF FriEnd..
      You Help Keep
      me Running mY
      FriEnd You Stir mY HeART..:)

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