Things Love Make You Do Sometimes

Oh, how i have started hating hearing cars from my window?! The building tension on approaching car, and the dejection and saddness and even frustation while it fades away. How the world is so depressingly quite and at some point i used to peep out of my window to look at the city sleeping and find it astonishingly calming. How the tables have turned. Why do i ask?! Why do i wait?

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1 Response to Things Love Make You Do Sometimes

  1. SMiLes mY FriEnd
    Life Comes and
    Goes at
    As FriEnd
    to Give and Share
    for me at least it was
    A Train Miles Away A Same
    Train Track on the River Front
    A Stone’s Throw From Trestle Miles
    A Way As A Child With All the Existential
    Angst that comes from Love Afraid of Losing
    Love For All of What Love Comes to Be Close
    And Warm
    Who Lives Within
    For IT iS True when the
    Feeling Leaves the Train on the
    Track and the Welcoming Whistle in
    the Echo of Distance becomes so much
    Farther Away When Warm Inside Becomes
    Colder for Longing More.. True.. Where A Portrait
    Of A Country Road Lined With Trees in the Distance
    Will Be A Future Hopeless to See As Well Never Looking
    As Warm
    Love Comes
    to Live Within Now..
    SMILes mY FriEnd..
    i Cannot Hug You but i Will try..:)

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