Conflict of Personalities

You are a free bird

I am so tame

You are laughing cracker

When I am lame

You say you love me the most

Still I am barely out of the frame

There is always someone lurking around

To lit my insecurities aflame

You talk so much

Tell me, ask me, as attention-seeker is my birth name

I don’t have stories or friends or ambitions

That’s why I misbecame

You are tornado of happenings

I am slow, so totally out of game

Baby, girl, match the pace

And, stop the rame

About Rafia

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30 Responses to Conflict of Personalities

  1. Yeah it’s True my FriEnd for in the
    Long Run the Only Lover Who Will
    Fill us up enough to Love others
    Without Empty is the
    Lord of Love
    That and
    Lives Within
    For Sooner or
    Later We Face that
    Last Breath of Love or
    Not Living as Shared and
    Given Freely or not and as far
    as Conflicts of Personalities go there
    is Introvert and Extravert but still there is
    Human Within as Extravert of Introvert May
    Be Equally Full of Love and Hope To Give and
    Share.. or Full of Hate and Fear to Take away..
    Anyway.. Rafiah.. i wish there was/is something
    i Could Do now to take what Seems Like Deep
    Pain Away from You.. Truly.. the Pain
    it Seems of Not Being Who You
    Really Want to Be as
    That is the Hardest
    Loss of all
    All of You
    mY FriEnd.. anyway
    I Still Love the Colors of you
    in all the Shades and Tints too..
    The Best of Life is to Love and Just Be You..
    I’m always So Happy to See You Writing no Matter What
    Next in
    the Memoirs
    of Rafiah’s HeART..
    i Always Love to Write the Name Rafiah..
    Except Yeah it’s true i still Pronounce it
    Different Than You
    A Raf E A..
    And i Still Wonder
    Why You removed the H..:)

  2. i Miss the Love of
    Your Simple
    Friend Ship..:)

  3. SMiLes Rafiah.. it’s nice to still Have this
    Space to come by to Say Hello to mY friEnd
    Rafiah still these days and i do recognize it’s
    not always
    the Person
    who has
    the Most Words
    Who are truly our Best
    FriEnds ’till the end of our
    Days as i do recognize you are
    one of the very Few Handful of
    FriEnds like that who has entered
    the Space of my Life on this Earth
    So Far.. for today is Christmas
    Eve in the United States
    an Eve that should
    always be
    the Birth of
    Unconditional and
    Fearless Love in each and
    Every Human Being Lighting up
    the Fire of Pure Love for it is so easy
    For these Words to Flow when i am in
    the Presence of Your Soul For that is what
    You Have always Brought to me my Friend as
    even Katrina Says when i Write to Rafiah that
    Truly Sounds Like Poetry for it goes in Song
    one way and
    is only Up..
    You Dear are
    A Quiet Angel
    but it is the
    Angel who is more
    often the Greatest Angel
    of All the Angels who will be there
    as Friend ’till the end and Beginning more…
    For when you tell me you miss me lots i do feel
    you really
    mean it..
    no matter
    if it only
    in Three Words or not…
    Rafiah Remains in the Gold of Friendship…
    So Merry and Happy Love to You always mY FriEnd..:)

  4. Happy New Year Rafiah…
    A Few Days Late But
    Never the Less Happy New Year FriEnd..:)

  5. GReaTesT
    SMaLLesT GifTS
    mY FriEnD Rafiah..:)

  6. i promised you along time ago
    That one day if i didn’t see You
    Blogging i would drop by and say
    Hi on the 7th of Every Month as Every
    Connection of Friends is Precious to
    God and me and Yes i Truly Do
    to Keep
    that connection
    With Rafiah my
    Friend who was there
    when no one else online was
    Back in the Summer of 2014..
    Yeah.. i see You Posting on FB
    Every once in a while but i always
    Saw so much more of Rafiah here..
    i miss You Quiet one who is so nice..:)

    • Rafia says:

      I also miss sharing and showing my innermost feelings and emotions. I know i need to get back to it. As i love it. Pouring myself here with no guards up. 😊

      • Hehe.. and as you know/feel me
        Pouring my innermost Feelings
        And Emotions out every where
        i go with No
        at all up
        i am very Fortunate
        to have a Life Partner
        and Wife Who Never
        Gets Jealous or
        Mad about
        but true
        in real life
        there is no one
        more loyal and true than me..:)

      • Rafia says:

        I know that. Happy for you that Kat dont tend to get mad at you. Lucky fellow you are. 😁

  7. Goodness.. Rafiah.. it hasn’t been
    that Long Since i Spoke to You Here
    but i wanted to Wish You and Your Husband
    And Family A Very Happy Valentines Day
    In Pakistan as i
    Hope You
    All Are
    Doing Well as
    You Are always
    in my Prayers my Friend..:)

    • Rafia says:

      First ever Valentines Day that i celebrated with my partner, my husband. ❀ Thanks Fred for wishing and always keeping me in your prayers. 😊

      • Smiles You are so Welcome Rafiah
        i am so Glad You Have a Partner
        and Husband to take Good
        Care of You and
        Give you
        all the Things
        a Life Partner
        And Spouse will Bring
        So Every Day Becomes
        Valentine’s Day All Humans Deserve that..:)

      • Rafia says:

        Yes, Fred, you are right. Thank God for such life partners who make our lives so much happier. ❀
        By the way I hope some time in future we four; you, me, Yasir, my husband and Kat get to dine together. ❀

  8. Well.. Rafiah it appears
    The 7th as Promised is
    Gonna Be Your Day as
    The 6th is Gifted
    Before i Met you
    To Lala Rukh
    As that is
    The place
    Spotted me for
    What you would
    Eventually come to
    Say is Sir you have a
    Beautiful Heart as almost
    Immediately after that you
    Became my Innocent Angel
    Poetry Muse for whereever
    Beautiful Words come now
    There is always an Angel Muse
    Like this if it is
    A Man writing
    Or perhaps
    A Man with a
    Heart if a Woman is
    Writing Poetry anyway we Poets
    Never Forget the Angels With
    Innocent Hearts who Bring so
    Much Beauty to our Words for
    they Are Gifted as Angels to us
    By God is Great as Love is
    For us You always
    Retain a Seat
    In my Soul
    As True
    Muses Never
    Truly Leave
    That Deepest Part of
    Us yeah these connections
    Come and go but they stay
    it’s like when God sends you
    A Pet A Yellow Cat Feral
    Wailing underneath
    Your Shed
    Your Spirit
    Animal Soul
    Mate to Be to save
    Your Soul after you
    Rescue his Hunger For
    Food Love is Love is Love
    5 Feet tall or 15 LBS SMiLes
    My Angel
    Muses are Short
    But their Love is
    10 Feet Tall Still Lifting me
    Up Long after their Forms
    Leave My Life Essence of
    Angel Muse Spirit
    Remains Within
    Sadly i
    Another Angel
    Was gonna get the
    8th Day of the Month
    Perhaps as Early as tomorrow
    Still around she is But it is
    True Angels
    Must Go
    As Yellow Boy passed
    Away in January and he
    Still has a part of everyday
    You do
    Too i never
    forget The Very
    me with
    Angel Light..
    i am so Happy You
    Are Happily Married
    Now Every Angel Deserves
    With at Night..:)

    • Rafia says:

      Back at the blog after so long now, lots of catching up to do. And awwww your comment here brings lots of memories back. How much i appreciate having known you and befriending you. Missed talking and confiding in with you. 😍😍😍

      • Smiles Rafiah.. so nice to Hear from You Dear..
        Thanks For Coming Back Around to tell me Hello
        today you know it’s not easy for me to make friends
        with all my run on sentences and Mind and Heart
        and Soul with no End but there are truly
        A Few Precious Souls
        in the World
        who have
        all of me
        And Truly
        Become my Friend
        So nice to See You today..:)

      • Rafia says:

        I missed you, Fred. And Kat too. ❀❀❀

  9. Smiles Rafiah seems like
    Old Days with you again
    and with the kind of Memory
    i Have for Text is like Almost
    Photographic for me as i remember
    you Saying one time that Your Dream
    would be for Your Husband and You
    to meet me and Katrina and
    Share Dua (prayers) over
    Dinner and i also
    You saying
    that i would
    do the dishes and
    the other Housework
    associated with Dinner
    While You and Katrina would
    relax back and Chat to Your Hearts content..
    if you ever come this way You are surely still welcome
    both You and Your Husband it would be Lovely to meet you
    both and i don’t know if men over their hug other men for
    they do in Saudi Arabia but i would give him a Hug
    for taking
    of my
    Friend Rafiah
    who was such a
    Great Pure and
    Innocent Angel
    Muse Bringing
    the Best of Loving
    Poetry from me to Write..:)

    • Rafia says:

      How lovely that would be. 😊😊😊 I wish it must happen in future. I would be so happy then. Meeting you and Kat in person. ❀ And yes, men do hug men here, dont worry about that. 😁

      • Yes it would truly be a Beautiful thing as the only
        real friends it seems i have had now these
        years to share intimate feelings with have
        been online and i have never
        met any of them
        in Person
        and truly
        if i ever meet anyone
        it will Probably be you
        as i do Know you Truly
        mean it when you say you
        would Love to meet me And Katrina..
        as i would surely Love to meet Your Husband too..:)

    • Rafia says:

      It’s so nice catching up with you after so long. God, I missed you and our conversations.

      • Smiles God i’ve missed you too
        You’ve never made me feel uncomfortable
        in any way you have always been such a pure an innocent
        source of Friendship Love to me bringing out the best of that in me too..
        Yeah you
        A God Send
        from God and
        Heaven as You
        are today as You
        Always are whenever
        You come around to
        Meet and Greet me again Rafiah
        i know and feel and sense i will always be
        Loved in the Best way by Friend Rafiah i
        can count on that
        for sure..
        for you
        and me
        are truly
        and sincerely
        those kind of Friends
        no matter how much time
        space or Distance Passes
        by and yeah i miss You talking
        about all the things You learned in College too..:)

  10. Haha! You were reading
    my mind up there writing
    about what i was writing
    about having Dinner over
    here all of us Four Together
    and you can tell Your Husband
    i was Just keeping you Happy to meet him..
    as i am
    that kind
    of Unconditional
    Loving Friend who
    is only in Relationships
    for Love of the Spirit and
    You were a Very Honorable Friend that way..:)

  11. Smiles Rafiah this has been a Very Nice
    Re-Union of Friendship since a little over
    3 months ago i am always
    Here for you whenever
    You need a Friend Winter
    Spring Summer or Fall
    as you
    used to Call
    me is at Your Side
    Always ready for Your Call..:)

  12. SMiLes Rafiah.. Happy 7th of the Month as Promised
    then and from now on this is the day i am back each
    Month to say hi to you and haha.. this is the 30th Comment
    Growing on this one Blog Post as it has been since Thanks Giving
    Weekend of Last Year since you posted then i remember like it is still
    today hehe..
    not hard
    to do considering
    i am commenting here
    again to say Hello.. as i’ve
    been doing each Month since then..
    Lala Rukh made a Blog Post as if you
    do too you’ll get the Next 7th of the Month
    off too.. hAha.. it’s funny although we talked everyday
    for Five Months i’m not sure i ever really got to know her
    and i surely cannot say that much for you as i really feel like
    i know you better put feel your Soul my Friend the original one
    of Rafiah of course as i still cannot get used to spelling it the New
    way Rafia.. been wondering if you’ve started a little Family yet but i guess
    not judging from what you related lately on your Facebook Page bet your child
    will be very cute like you and haha no doubt kinda short too before all is said and grown..
    that’s okay
    it seems
    just about
    all of my Friends
    online have been about
    Your Size.. to usually my Great
    Surprise anyway there is no size for
    Soul but the Love someone gives and
    shares freely so you have a really big soul
    and that’s all that counts no matter tall or short
    or whatever other Label folks give other folks for
    Superficial Form over Essence of what lives within..
    Anyway it does seem all my Friends are Empaths and
    they there is even a Medical Term for it called Mirror
    Touch Synesthesia not sure that folks i know have
    the Extreme Kind where you Literally Feel the
    Pain and Pleasure of others and even
    including other Animals Besides
    Humans too.. true some
    other Animals and
    Even Outside
    Species have this
    Very Empathic Ability
    too as mine includes both touch
    and feelings it’s like i was decked out with
    Full Radar when i was born.. true my Mother
    Said i had my Arms reached out to everyone for
    obviously i could feel the Good Intentions of the Souls
    who she exposed me to then.. not everyone is that fortunate
    but this Condition for me has most definitely been curse or
    Fortune Depending on the Emotions and Senses of People
    Around me and Dance Puts me in a different Ascending
    Transcending place.. enveloping myself with a Force
    Field of Protective Pure Positive Fearless Love that
    i Generate now at will.. through the Bio-Feedback
    dance Brings for that and Dancing Words as
    Song as Well.. anyway Happy 7th
    Hope to See You Soon and
    True if you do not
    write a Blog Post
    until the next 7th
    Day of the Month Will
    Drive by and shoot some words
    to you then.. on the 7th of This Month..:)

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