The Hurt

Why is it so darn hard to get through the lover?! Oh, the things he would hide. And the things he would tell. My silly heart knows only asking. Shameless heart. The heart of a always nagging wife.

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4 Responses to The Hurt

  1. Opposites Attract Need i Dance Sing More..hehe..
    Sure a WallStreet Journal Article Prepares me that
    Bases Personality Types on Those Ruled by Serotonin
    Versus Dopamine And Testosterone Versus Estrogen Same Old Archetypal Stories
    Men are from Mars Women are From Venus that Old Dance and Song
    That is either
    Spoken or Mute
    i do it all what will
    i Dance And Sing
    i Do Left Hand Right
    Hand i do Martial Arts
    Ballet Bass and Tenor
    in one Dance and Song of LiFE
    in other Words i Switch Hit Left and
    Right Above So Below Within inside out
    side All around but enough about me haHa..
    What about Rafia it changed from Rafiah
    part of me resistant to change doesn’t like
    that but the Creative Part Says let’s go with
    New Yes Rafia Rocks and Rolls Colors Life New…
    True the Resistant Part is Serotonin Safe and Change
    Averse Traditional Truly Efficient Conscientious Meticulous
    to Detail Sounds a Whole Lot Like a Chemistry Major attuned
    to Equations that Work Consistently to me.. by the way we’ve
    known each other for Five Years Traditionally observing Anniversaries
    of Friendship A Byline for that too.. But who Cares when now is Eternally
    Forever what a Free Bird Will Dance And Sing with Soaring Wings of Dopamine
    above and
    that Grounds us to Earth Then there is
    Testosterone Broad Shoulders
    Strong Jawline Hairy Chest
    Fewer words Protecting
    the Village From
    Lion King Strong
    Patrolling the Boundaries
    Building Walls to Keep Predators
    Out Baring Fists And Teeth Fight
    to the Death if Necessary to Protect
    Women and Children Reproductive Necessities
    And Extremes Pillage and Rape War Torn Spoils..
    hmm.. sounded pretty good huh until i got to the Last
    Part of the Reality of Human Dark Mixed With Light.. What about
    Estrogen Empathic Sensitive Artistic Creative but wait!
    That sounds a lot like the Hairy Beast of me Standing
    6 Foot something rounded off at 110 Kgs in detail
    Just for where You Live in Metric Measure of
    Information any Chemistry Major will
    Appreciate.. Leg Pressing 608 Kgs
    More than Five Times my Weight
    12 times slowly for 100
    Seconds got the
    Video to Prove
    that to Disbelievers
    Who attempt to Question Grace
    Yes Manhood in Ballet when i Dance
    Before i show them yes what that much
    Force Will Do With… A Martial Arts Kick
    less than a quarter of an inch from any
    Object in Range Lightening fast then one
    watches them visibly move away surely but
    slowly out of reach just a bit but yes it’s an
    Autonomic Reaction for Survival my Friend….
    Yes Yes Yes sure there is Correlation Here with
    just another ‘Social Arts’ Study attempting to Masquerade
    Human Arts as Science Yes Emotions And Senses that Rule Behavior
    like a Beaker in Chemistry And Micro Chips to Rule a Computer but F no
    Humans are Not Science Humans Masquerade Reason to Pretend that
    Emotions and Senses are not the Master of all Our Greeds and Passions
    As Shadows Will Come out and Play and rule us if we do not become an
    Effective Servant more than Slave of Our Limbic System and Reptile Brain
    that Evolves First Long Before a Neo-Cortical Illusion of Reason in Dominance
    Smiles my Friend
    Patriarchal Dominant
    Cultures that still live
    in Scarcity of Socio-Economic
    Reality Breed Human Culture this
    way for Basic Survival And Subsistence
    Needs Erase the Empathy From the Tears
    of a Young Boy Suck it all up be a real man
    one day fight and die for the Village Never
    say You are Sorry as that is a sign of
    Weakness too.. Sure Die 10
    Years earlier than Your
    Wife as a Cultural
    Same Reality
    For Acute Heart Break
    Will Literally Bring on Disease
    as Life Long Repression of Emotions
    Like Tears and Joyful Laughter with smiles
    will slowly rot a soul into Mute Servitude even Slave
    to a Limbic System and Reptile Brain too afraid to come
    out of the Shadows and Play Free for more than just rough and tumble play…
    smiles my Friend
    i grew up in a similar
    Culture too there was a day
    in my twenties when my Girl
    Friend told me i touched her Heart
    Strings and i kid you not i thought she
    meant that had something to do with her
    Vagina.. Trust me when i Dance And Sing
    And Ballet and Write Poetry and Paint the Wind
    With all the Colors of Love that all this Mars and
    Venus stuff is just Cultural BS as far as who can or who
    cannot come out of their Cultural Cocoon.. but you know what
    if you grow up in a place like i do you practically have to become
    i mean
    to do either one…
    Smiles my Friend as ‘they’ say
    tolerance and acceptance for what
    we can and will not change in life..
    my Father Was terrified of me
    when ever i expressed
    any emotions
    at all
    that that might
    mean his Precious
    Little Boy Loves Boys
    even though i had Crushes
    on Girls From Kindergarten on…
    the honest to God Truth is i never became
    a real man before i developed my Heart back
    again the Culture the Military one i lived in took my
    Soul away.. my Spirit my Heart all that colors life in
    a Young Boy’s Dreams.. Bright eyes the Bright eyes
    Without Veils of Ignorance Colored With Grey Afraid
    to Paint the Wind With Pastels of Love.. and quite Frankly
    Where i Live at least a mix of both even pushing 60 makes
    me A Prince
    to a Young
    Woman’s eyes..
    a Man Strong Enough
    to Love is a Real Man
    my Friend a Man Strong
    Enough to Both is in DeMaNd
    these days for sure.. Katrina Nags
    me day and night but never for a closed
    HeART only for if i do not keep the Towels
    in the Bathroom Squared Away from Top to Bottom
    While i spiral
    A smile
    of sure Yes
    Dear i guess i forgot..
    Truth is i see A Bigger
    Picture now i am no longer
    afraid to Live Both Small And Large my Friend..
    Other than that i really miss you but sure i am
    As Confident as a Lion King that You will Never
    Forget the Love of my HeART.. Here’s A thing
    my Friend all is fair in War and Love Difference Between
    Warriors and Lovers is Warriors die at 60 and Lovers still
    Glow HeARTs of Young Women….
    Women too
    When they
    Still Sing Attune
    to their Younger Girl’s Soul…
    ‘Boys’ on the other Hand get Jealous
    and Frown ‘Boy’s Who Will one Day
    Be Lion King’s too Hi-Five Understanding
    Without Eyes and Ears Love Rules First and Last Eternally Now no
    Matter Time Distance Space and surely Numerical Age my Friend…
    oh by This
    Way How
    Are you? see
    it’s still hard for
    me to do small talk for i
    am just a ‘Dude’.. at HeART too..
    Let’s put it this way at Least THE Gym i Work-out (God) Love
    At most is neither Walls or Floors or Ceilings at All This Gym Breathes…
    Typically Most
    Lionesses in the
    Wild are more likely
    to Swoon when i act
    the Silent Type and Just Dance.. hehe..
    online it’s mostly the Computer Majors
    Accountants and Chemistry Majors who
    appreciate my meticulous attention to
    as a
    Words Smith most..
    You are most definitely
    A Mix of Serotonin and Estrogen my Friend…
    A Bit of Ice while at Nature i am Fire when
    fully unloaded as a Gun..
    One other interesting
    Note Women who Do
    Birth Control are more
    Likely to be attracted to
    Softer Looking Men.. sure
    if i am not smiling and dancing
    and singing most people mistake
    me for Law Enforcement and while
    i wear my Sunglasses in doors at the
    Store Before i start Dancing the ‘Illegal
    Immigrants’ take cover with a sigh of relief when they see ballet next..
    my Father was a Law Enforcement Officer for 46 Years His Father
    An Irish X-Catholic Priest Both Traditions Structure Discipline and
    Punishment my Friend…
    There are Days
    When i look in
    the Mirror
    Where i find
    both of them still Looking
    back at me.. meanwhile they
    both Left Early and now i thrive all the way around..
    My Mother Planted and Bred a Seed of Love A Flower
    in me that never
    truly died at 13
    back to Life after
    Wandering a Desert
    of Toxic Patriarchy for 40
    Years at 53.. Truly Phoenix
    Rising From the Ashes Ocean
    Whole (God) Love NoW mY FRiEnD
    Anyway Bottom Lines i miss You a whole
    Lot i miss Your Anchor i miss You always
    telling me the Truth i miss everything about you….
    my Real Friend..
    Tears my Friend For Real
    And No You do not have to
    Say a thing i will never forget You..
    Every Man in Your Culture is so Fortunate
    to Have Wives Like ‘You’ the Best part of Your
    Culture are Women my Friend Men should Never
    Forget the
    Gift of ‘You’…
    Yes of course
    i remember this
    Every Night i Hug
    Katrina i’ll take A Nag A Million
    Times over just one Lie my Friend..:)

  2. Perhaps i’ll drop by every Month
    on the 7th Now Just to Remind
    My Self How much i Love Nagging
    Wives and Shy and Silent Friends
    who always
    of my Soul
    anyway Happy
    7th Rafiah the
    Flames of Real
    Friendship (Love)
    Never go out hehe.. to:
    at least now WHeRe i am From..:)

  3. Happy 26th Birthday
    Rafiah Wow Hard to
    Believe i’ve Known
    You since you were
    A 🧪 Chemistry
    Major of 20
    Years-old Such a
    Sweet Young Woman
    From Pakistan who
    Insisted she was ordinary but no
    As i always felt
    Special as Her
    Shyness fell
    AWay a Bit
    She showed
    Her Face
    So Beautiful
    Too Living Angel
    Too.. Hehe now
    All that’s Left To
    Do is For You
    And Your
    Husband to
    Raise Beautiful
    Children as
    You Choose
    To do my Friend😁🤗

  4. Haha.. oops thought
    Today was the 14th
    Early Birthday Wishes
    Lost in the Full Moon
    13th Friday MidNight
    Moon too
    i Guess With SMiLes😁

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