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On Missed Opportunities

I missed a friend I lost a friend We were close And then we were not I mourn yet again Like I always do For missed opportunities I always seek And I missed What was there Do I have to … Continue reading

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For What’s Worth It

No human love can fill the void, that gnawing loneliness. I believed I knew it. May be I did not live it. Or I forgot. And may be that’s why it’s excruciatingly cruel. Expecting to be heard, more importantly to … Continue reading

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The Hurt

Why is it so darn hard to get through the lover?! Oh, the things he would hide. And the things he would tell. My silly heart knows only asking. Shameless heart. The heart of a always nagging wife.

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Serenading Love Songs

You love me my jaan You do not understand me my jaan I tell you my jaan Follow woman’s heart and passion my jaan Nevertheless, this is my love, my jaan

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Conflict of Personalities

You are a free bird I am so tame You are laughing cracker When I am lame You say you love me the most Still I am barely out of the frame There is always someone lurking around To lit … Continue reading

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Things Love Make You Do Sometimes

Oh, how i have started hating hearing cars from my window?! The building tension on approaching car, and the dejection and saddness and even frustation while it fades away. How the world is so depressingly quite and at some point … Continue reading

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Every Now And Then

How lit my eyes are How cold my feet are What’s this that creeps in Peeping out sometime The calls call To be pulverized away It’s my baby too The one mum likes to disown How heavy headed my head … Continue reading

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